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Sharrows — a nice addition to Miccosukee Road; and some perspective from Dave Moulton

Sharrows are something new — the first ones were laid down on a street in San Francisco in 2004, and most communities have yet to adopt them. There are only a few in Tallahassee — on Call Street downtown, on … Continue reading

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Finding room for cyclists —a redesign of Tallahassee’s West Tennessee Street

Welcome to West Tennessee Street — a most unfriendly environment for cyclists — but that could soon change. The Tallahassee City Commission recently approved a plan to take the outside lanes and convert them to bus-and-bike lanes. This is a … Continue reading

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Bikeable — for a community that rides

Bikeable encourages citizens and their communities to create policies and build infrastructure that fosters cycling as transportation — a way to get to work, a way to go to the store, a way to enjoy a better life. We are … Continue reading

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