Bikeable — for a community that rides

Bikeable encourages citizens and their communities to create policies and build infrastructure that fosters cycling as transportation — a way to get to work, a way to go to the store, a way to enjoy a better life.

We are based in Tallahassee, Florida — the capital of the Sunshine State, and a good place to ride and use your bicycle. Our goal is to take our city beyond good to great.

We are developing bike routes and other changes, and we are building relationships with elected officials, community leaders and transportation planners to put improvements in place.


About Bikeable — Committee for a Bikeable Community

We are about making Tallahassee, Florida, a better place for cyclists and bicycle commuters. We are part of the Capital City Cyclists.
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One Response to Bikeable — for a community that rides

  1. Roger says:

    I attended the dedication of the lower St. Marks Trail and after the ribbon cutting I was the first bicycle to traverse the new pavement.
    And with this short note, I am the first blogger on this site.

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