Helmet or no helmet? Use your head

Josh King, a commuter in Seattle, writes a good rejoinder to the arguments against wearing a helmet when cycling.

“Why,” he asks in a post on Commute by Bike, “… should we demand absolute scientific proof before admitting that wearing a helmet is a risk-minimizing choice?”







Here’s a link to his clear and sensible thoughts on helmet use: Four Myths About Helmets and Safety


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3 Responses to Helmet or no helmet? Use your head

  1. edde says:

    from the comments to this post:

    Mick Allan says:
    November 30, 2010 at 7:43 am

    “The health benefits of regular cycling outweigh the dangers by a factor of twenty to one.

    Cyclists are not by any measure the primary head injury group, we fall somewhere below motorists, ladder users and drunks. Enforcing helmet use among these groups will have a greater effect on head injury figures.

    To my mind the most pernicious element is this; helmet use has a minimal effect on safety but powerfully enforces the notion that cycling is a dangerous activity.”

    There are other arguments that can be made – particularly #2 about injuries from helmet use: helmet injuries can be minimized by wearing a helmet without an “aero” shaped pointy tail. A good alternative helmet is a Bell Commuter with rounded back.

    I prefer not to participate in a helmet discussion, however;-)

  2. tallahasseecyclist says:

    I’m not sure whether in Florida this is a discussion at the moment. Some states mandate helmets for all cyclists, others only for kids, and some not at all. In countries with tons of cyclists like the Netherlands, nobody seems to wear a helmet. As long as there is no helmet law for motorcyclists (which now make up about 19% of crash fatalities), I don’t think it’ll become a discussion point any time soon.
    I just know that when I took a fall a couple of years ago that shattered my shoulder in many pieces, I was sure glad I was wearing my helmet. I could throw away my cracked helmet, but at least I can still read this blog.

    • Ted Johnson says:

      @tallahasseecyclist: Josh King’s article is not about mandating helmet use. In fact, he mentions at the end that he against a mandate.

      The article is about the arguments (i.e. excuses) used by people who choose not to wear helmets. Take a look. It’s a good read.

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